Golden Tiger Snapped in India

India’s Only Golden Tiger Snapped in Kaziranga Days After ‘Bagheera’ Was Spotted in the Wild

The only known golden big cat in India and indeed a rare one was sighted in Kaziranga National Park in Assam.

A few days earlier, Twitter was buzzing with the rare pictures of a black panther in the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. And it seems during the lockdown, nature has decided to surprise the wildlife lovers one after the other. Given that, the microblogging site is active again with pictures of yet another rare and majestic big cat – the golden tiger.

Spotted in Kaziranga, the big cat is the only known to be alive golden tiger in India.

Parveen Kaswan, IFS Officer took Twitter to share the pictures of the golden beauty. The tweet stated: ”Do you know  in #India we have a Golden #Tiger also.”It further mentioned that “Only documentation of such big cat in 21st century on the planet… Look at this beauty”. He additionally informed that Mayuresh Hendre, a wildlife photographer has clicked the image.

Due to the splendid colour, the golden tiger is also famous as the “tabby tiger” or “strawberry tiger”.

Kaswan further wrote that golden cats like this were rare. He added thata gene-mutation in the species is the cause of their existence.

The IFS Officer also tweeted pictures of the same tiger that he earlier shared in 2019.

Soon Twittaris started flooding the social media site with pictures of the same tiger that they claim to have been clicked by them.

Kaswan remains active on Twitter. He has usually shared pictures if diverse and unusual wildlife spotted across India.

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10 Best resorts in Bandhavgarh

Enjoy your next escape into the wilderness at the top 10 resorts in Bandhavgarh

Heaven for wildlife lovers, Bandhavgarh is not only known for Royal Bengal Tigers but also for offering a memorable stay. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh is also known as the ‘Tiger Capital of India‘. The best resorts in Bandhavgarh help you retreat into the lap of nature while cherishing unmatched hospitality. Featuring comfortable accommodation options and top-notch facilities, these resorts will surely pamper you to the core.

Imagine waking up to the sound of nature and feeling the adrenaline rush to spot those ‘big cats’! In other words, these best places to stay in Bandhavgarh enable you to take home a bag full of memories. Here’s a list of handpicked resorts where you can plan your next much-awaited holiday to enjoy pure jungle bliss.

1. Mahua Kothi

Once famed as the ChurhatKothi, Taj MahuaKothi is considered as a high-end resort in Bandhavgarh and top in our list of 10 Best resorts in Bandhavgarh. Sprawled across a whopping area of 40 acres, this property is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay during your family holidays. From design to the location, everything about the resort will make you fall in love with it. Delight in a wonderful stay in jungle village huts offering authentic yet a matchless experience.

What’s special?

  • Pick from a wide range of dining options which is the signature feature of this resort. From eating under the shade of a Mahua tree to the star-lit sky, you are going to love this for sure.
  • Adding to the experience is the breakfast which is served on the bonnet of the 4X4 tour jeep.
  • Rejuvenate your senses availing relaxing massages at the spa.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

2. Kings Lodge

True to its name, the Kings Lodge allows you to experience royalty at its best. King’s Lodge rank 2nd in the list of 10 Best Resorts in Bandhavgarh Set amidst the Ranch village, this property is known to engage its guests into several things. First, the modern facilities will leave you spoilt for your choice. Second, the soothing surroundings will make you forget the chaotic city life immediately. Add to this first-hand experience of the wildlife in their natural habitat. For these reasons, it is considered as one of the best luxury resorts in Bandhavgarh National Park.

What’s special?

  • A multi-cuisine dining hall featuring a fireplace that overlooks the expanses of wild grasslands.
  • Enjoy directly from ‘Farm to table’ culture.
  • Pacify your adrenaline rush for spotting rare species of birds as you go for bird watching from the Machan.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

3. Samode Safari Lodge

Outstanding amongst the rest, Samode Safari Lodgeassures to make your wildlife tour exceptional at unbeatable prices. Equipped with latest amenities, the resort gives you a feel of home away from home. Your comfort is their utmost priority and hence they leave no stone unturned for the same. Reckoned as the world’s 50 best honeymoon hotels and destinations, this wonderful place delights your senses to an unparalleled experience.

What’s special?

  • Massages offered at the Spa here are sure to refresh your mind, body and soul.
  • Indulge in a thrilling experience as you get introduced to the sounds and sights of the Jungle.
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep in your tranquil, spacious and comfortable villa.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

4. Bandhav Vilas

Nestled in close proximity to Tala gate of the park, Bandhav Vilas serves the perfect base for a memorable wildlife safari. Equipped with modern amenities, this place tops the list of best luxury resorts in Bandhavgarh. After your exciting tour, spend a leisurely evening sipping a perfect cup of coffee at the sun-kissed sit out. Moreover, the luxurious ambience and heritage settings are sure to mesmerize you.

What’s special?

  • They serve homemade vegetarian only and also the vegetables are harvested by their own.
  • You can spot innumerable varieties of birds and varieties of butterflies in the vegetable garden.
  • They allow you to participate in classical music performances held here in the evening.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

5. Nature Heritage Resort

Featuring gracefully furnished cottages, Nature Heritage Resort is one of the best places for wildlife enthusiasts in Madhya Pradesh and make in our list of 10 Best resorts in Bandhavgarh. Designed to allow it to blend itself with its beautiful environs, this resort is indeed a nature lover’s paradise. Additionally, with experienced tiger experts by your side, you can rest assure that you will track one of those big cats. Adorning the heart of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, this resort will lure you to visit here again and again.

What’s special?

  • Treat your taste buds not only with Indian but also continental delicacies under a thatched roof or open restaurants.
  • Soak in the tranquillity while unwinding yourself in your personal verandah.
  • Relax your tired muscles by availing soothing massages at the spa.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

6. TreeHouse Hideaway Resort

If there is a way out to experience nature at its best, it’s only by blending harmoniously with it. With this in mind, you should undoubtedly choose Tree House Hideaway Resort. If you want to give your family a holiday of a lifetime, just bring them here. Exclusively crafted treehouses eagerly await your presence to make your stay equally enthralling.

What’s special?

  • Roam around the place to sight resident fauna in their natural habitat.
  • Treat your eyes to the astounding views of the Bandhavgarh Fort and Tiger Reserve.
  • Gather your friends, sing songs, chit chat, dine and remember good old days as you take time out for bonfire.

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Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

7. Mogli Jungle Resort

Situated amidst the dramatic settings, Mogli Jungle Resort will make your visit a joyful one. Ranked as one of the best budget-friendly resorts in Bandhavgarh, this lavish property has something for everyone. Start your day praising the dreamlike views outside and thereafter get ready for the adventure you were longing for. Go for a nature walk or just spend the day reading a book in the library. The choice is yours!

What’s special?

  • Tribal Dance performance is sure to transform your evening into a memorable one.
  • Attend the photography workshop to know the tricks to capture the candid shots during the safari.
  • Enjoy fine dining while overlooking Bandhavgarh Fort.

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Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

8. Bagh Sarai Resort

If you think of getting the most out of your holidays without spending a fortune then Bagh Sarai Resort is for you. The property is located in the village of Parasi. For this reason, it not only makes your jungle trip memorable but also gives you a chance to live the village life. Furthermore, the stunning getaway features rustic ambience, modern amenities and natural environ all under a single roof.

What’s special?

  • Here you will learn how they have maintained to make everything out of wood but without actually cutting any tree.
  • They consider their guests as family members.
  • The traditional look is given to the Bungalows also knows ‘Jhopri’ will surely spellbind you.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

9. Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort

Outstanding amongst the rest, Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort assures to make your wildlife tour exceptional at unbeatable prices. Equipped with latest amenities, the resort gives you a feel of home away from home. Your comfort is their utmost priority and hence they leave no stone unturned for the same. Bounded by the Sal tree forest, this wonderful place delights your senses to an unparalleled experience. 

What’s special?

  • Be it a central fireplace or outdoor shower area, they have it just right.
  • Indulge in an unwinding experience while getting close to Mother Nature.
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep in your spacious and comfortable room. 

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

10. WelcomHeritage Jukaso Salvan Resort

A fresh breeze is sure to greet you the moment you enter WelcomHeritageJukasoSalvan Resort. With air-conditioned cottages, the property soothes your senses like no other. Morning dew and chirping of birds will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of the fast pacing world. Time seems to stop here and nature appears to be a permanent guest.

What’s special?

  • Relish delicious dishes served at the multi-cuisine restaurant here.
  • Go for a morning or evening walk in the garden.
  • The swimming pool is always ready to refresh you with its crystal clear water.

Please check the Trip Advisor Rating before booking

The list of best resorts in Bandhavgarh is quite elaborate. These are just a few. Pick your favourite or feel free to suggest or add yours!

Image © Indian Maharaja Tours

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India’s 2018 tiger census in Guinness Book of World Records

India’s 2018 tiger census makes its place in Guinness Book of World Records as the largest camera –trap wildlife survey

Camera trap Tiger from Simlipal tiger reserve Image Courtesy Google

On Saturday, India’s 2018 tiger census has entered Guinness Book of World Record for being the largest camera-trap wildlife survey.

Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change proudly shared the news on Twitter. He further claimed that 4 years prior to the target, India was able to double the count of the tigers in the nation.

Javadekar’s Tweet stated that the country successfully achieved its resolution to double the tiger count four years ahead of the target. This was possible through #SankalpSeSiddhi under the leadership of honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Additionally, he mentioned that The All India Tiger Estimation has set a new #GuinnessWorldRecord for being the largest camera-trap #wildlife survey. Moreover, he also said that this is indeed a great moment and a shining example of #AatmanirbharBharat!

The paired camera traps were positioned at 139 study sited across 26,760 different spots. 35 million pictures were generated including 51,337 leopard and 76,523 tiger pictures.

India was home to 2,967 tigers in 2018. According to the tiger estimation report of 2018, more than half of the tiger population called Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh their home.

Image Courtesy- Google

The last census in 2014 revealed the total estimate of 2,226. Since then there was a population hike of approximately 33 percent.

Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi shared the data while announcing that the population of the tigers had increased from 2226 in 2014 to 2967.

Not only a new world standard has been set in tiger census but also the amazing results have certified the efforts of India in tiger conservation.

This further indicates that India has marked its place as one of the most secure and largest habitats for the tigers.

An application was marked to the Guinness Book of World Record to verify if this was the largest wildlife survey ever conducted anywhere in the world.  

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Rare Broad Black-Striped Tiger spotted in India

Astounding pictures of rare Melanistic tiger in Odisha, India surprises many

Remember the incidence where a photographer’s (Shaaz Jung) five years of hard work led him to capture the astounding pictures of the only Melanistic leopard in India? In India’s Nagarhole National Park, this black panther named ‘Saya’ means Shadow left many in a state of shock. But this was not just the end! After ‘Saya’ which resembled ‘Bagheera’ from ‘Jungle Book, ‘ here are the flattering pictures of rare melanistic tigers. They were found only in India’s Simlipal Tiger Reserve, which is situated in Odisha.
Here is a quick introduction to the novel for those who are unaware of ‘The Jungle Book.’ Written by Rudyard Kipling, this exceptional novel features Mowgli, a fictional orphaned boy. Surprisingly he was brought up amongst the wild animals in Pench National Park in what is known as the heart on India, i.e., Madhya Pradesh.

Rare Broad Black-Striped Tiger just like ‘Sher Khan’ from ‘The Jungle Book’ spotted in India – Image Source: Google

While ‘Saya’ was compared to ‘Bagheera,’ our new wild beauty with pitch black and extraordinarily broad stripes shows similarity to ‘Sher Khan.’ The tiger king named ‘Sher Khan‘ is another character from the much-reputed novel. Interestingly the character became more famous due to Soviet and Disney cartoon adaptations. No wonder, spotting of the two aforementioned rare species make us believe in the existence of the characters from the book.
Interestingly, ‘Sher Khan’ flaunts stripes that are thicker and broader than those possessed by the normal tigers. Furthermore, the excessive black pigment in animals is due to a phenomenon known as ‘Melanistic’.
Indeed the photographs of the black beauty featuring broad stripes have made animal lovers go gaga over it. While some expressed their happiness to discover something new, others were simply unaware of many tigers left in the Simlipal Tiger Reserve.

Experts highlight the increasing trend of melanistic tigers on inbreeding and genetic mutation. The world’s attention has now been shifted to melanistic or black breeds reproduced by the tigers in the sanctuary.
It was in 2007 that the first melanistic tiger was spotted in the Simlipal Tiger Reserve. This happened because of the camera traps that were positioned by the researchers from the Wildlife Institute of India.
The Odisha Forest Department conducted a recent census and marked the presence of 6-7 melanistic tigers out of 29 tigers in reserve. This count includes cubs as well.

Image Source: Google