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Someone had once beautifully described the love for nature as, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is a society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” Little did we know that one day these lines would remind us of the lockdown situation we confronted just a while ago. On a positive note, not only the pandemic has given nature some time to breathe but also, it has made human beings socially responsible. We, the Indian Maharaja Tour are no different and leave no stone unturned to adapt to the new normal.

Our gratitude and feelings for nature and society were already beyond description. Also, as a leading photography tour operator in India, we were aware of and abiding by our social responsibilities. But now the novel Coronavirus has shown human beings a new aspect of life. The pandemic has made us realize that we should make others also aware of the same. Doing so will definitely help to benefit society and nature as a whole. So, come along with us and take a pledge to understand and implement your social responsibilities. Here’s what we do so that you can follow:

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During our visit to a school in the Village of Palanpur, Gujarat.
  • Go vocal for local – not just a slogan but an important practice to preach.
  • Hire locals to create jobs.
  • Reward them by paying well.
  • Encourage local arts.
  • Contribute to the livelihoods of local communities.
  • Protect and respect the cultures of the respective destinations.
  • Recycling is easy and very achievable. Practice it!
  • Suggest the use of reusable shopping bags.
  • Follow the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Analyze the environmental impact of the activities.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint and limit waste.
  • Say no to polybags on our tours.
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of plastic bottles.
  • Always opt for a greener holiday.
Sharing some moments with local people at Tadoba

We have learned that taking small steps surely makes a huge impact. Walking the extra mile to reach an exceptional destination is totally worth it. The aforementioned are just a few, there are a lot more. We understand all our social responsibilities towards society and thus you can trust us for the same. We assure you that by making us your travel partner, you won’t ever regret your decision. Plan your India trip with us and see the difference. Summing it up, all we would love to say is – It feels good to pacify a wanderlust but it feels great doing so by becoming socially responsible together and forever!

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It was a great gesture of potter’s family to offer food, which we grabbed without losing a second.
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During Lockdown, the most affected ones were Stray animals who were surviving on local restaurants and street food. During Lockdown we were able to feed only approx. 350 + Dogs and 25+ stray cows.
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A small puppy who was born during lockdown was not aware of the traffic jam and crowd. He likes to enjoy his bread and fresh air.
IMG 9506
Bhola and family were known to us from the 3rd day of Lockdown. Bhola is a real and amazing dog and a very caring father.
IMG 9696
Initially, it was hard to feed cows with Napier grass. They were used to feeding on fast food. So we had to add jaggery and wheat flour to the grass.
IMG 9611
Meet Mr. Sheru (Tiger), he is a real warrior. He was lying under a parked vehicle. Pretty old (10 years+). In an accident, he lost his half lower Jaw. Still, he is not just surviving but used to follow our car for a few 100 meters.
For us, he is a real warrior.

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