Panna National Park – an underrated wildlife haven

A best-kept secret of India, Panna National Park is tucked between the Chhatarpur and Panna districts of Madhya Pradesh. Spread across vast plateaus and dotted with gorgeous gorges, the reserve is ruled by the king of beasts, the tiger. A land of enthralling waterfalls, natural and archaeological splendor, legends and cultural richness, Panna has something for everyone.

Add to it the Ken River that lends it matchless beauty. Not only this but getting to spot the mighty big cat is also what attracts tourists from far and near. Strolling deep within the teak forest in search of the tiger raises the fun quotient to the next level. Declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Panna is surely a haven for wildlife lovers.

A natural habitat of many wildlife species, Panna Tiger Reserve houses Indian wolf, sloth bear, pangolin, gharial, leopard, Indian fox, etc. While on a trip to Panna Tiger Reserve, don’t miss to spot the gum tree or the ghost tree that outstands amongst the rest. The stone paintings that date back to the Neolithic era are other head-turners here. No wonder, spending holidays in Panna will be a memorable experience.


Panna Jeep Safari – a one of a kind heart-throbbing adventure

An ultimate thrill, Panna Jeep Safari keeps the adrenaline rushing. Although spotting a tiger completes the trip for tourists but witnessing other creatures in their natural habitat is also no less amazing. Another big cat, the leopard, is another center of attraction, hunting quietly in the dark of night. Getting to spot a leopard in action is a rare sight and those who choose for night safari tend to get lucky. Other than this, tourists get to see reptiles, birds and mammals from close quarters.

Ken River Boat Safari – catch both the land and water predator in action

Apart from the two big cats, watching crocodiles in the Ken River is another major attraction for tourists. Ken River boat safari also gives a chance to spot rare vultures. It is one of the best things to do in Panna that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Soak in the flawless natural beauty while watching every creature in action around you. Glide over the calm water and relax for a while. A dusk safari will pamper you with a stunning sunset view.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary Visit – an unforgettable wildlife experience to cherish for the lifetime

A natural habitat, Ken Gharial sanctuary is home to these cold-blooded underwater hunters known as alligators. Another destination to explore the flora and fauna of Madhya Pradesh, the sanctuary is nestled on the outskirts of Panna. Deer, sambar, peafowl, blue bull/nilgai, chinkara, spotted deer wild boar and many other wildlife species call the sanctuary their home. A visit to this sanctuary is surely the icing on the cake making your wildlife tour to India incredible.   

Pandav and Raneh Falls – unmissable, serene and breathtaking all at the same time

Emerging from the confluence of Khuddar and Ken River, the Raney Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Panna. Surrounded by crystalline granite of various shades, the waterfall presents a sight to behold. Even words can’t describe how it feels to watch Ken River cascading the 30m deep canyon. According to the folklores, Pandav Falls is one of the stopovers of Pandavas fo Mahabharata and hence the name. Featuring natural caves, lush greenery and a lake, the fall offers a treat to the eyes. A visit to these waterfalls completes your trip to Panna.

Khajuraho Visit – listen to the stories behind the erotic sculptures

A group of Hindu and Jain temples, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments gets its name from the common date palm – khajura. After being neglected for centuries, these temples were rediscovered in the 1850s. Depicting some of the finest art in the world, the group of monuments is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. Do plan a trip to Khajuraho to delight in a cultural extravaganza. Add to it, watching the awe-inspiring classical dance performances being performed by renowned artists across the country.



Ken River Lodge – for a forgettable country loving experience

Offering traditional royal hospitality, Ken River Lodge makes the staycation wonderful. The amazing and comfortable stay in the wild offers a unique opportunity to roar with the tigers, laze with the crocodiles and sing with the birds. An amazing Machaan restaurant overlooking the Ken River adds to its charm.  6 cottages and 6 huts sprawled in a mixed forest offer an unparalleled jungle experience.

Pashangarh – Taj Safari – sample the lifestyle of the rich

Perched atop a small hill, Pashan Garh or ‘stone fortress’ is a cluster of 12 stone cottages. Offering a sweeping view of dense forest, the hotel is also popular for its world-class hospitality. From bonnet breakfast to palanquin dining, the hotel presents an array of dining experiences.

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