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Black Panther Destinations In India

Best destinations for spotting black panthers in India

If the mere mention of the Black Panther excites you, then this blog will surely pump your adrenaline rush. Hold your breath as you’re about to spot your favorite ‘Bagheera’ aka the black panther at these best wildlife destinations in India. Imagine dense woods, ultimate serenity and that mysterious look from the black beauty who has noticed you while you might not have yet! The thrill and the feelings to spot a black panther are undoubtedly beyond description.

From Kabini to Tadoba and Pench, my list covers all the possible wildlife sanctuaries where you can end your quest to find a black panther in India. Although rare in the country, these wild cats can be surely found at the following wildlife safari destinations in India. Take a look!

You will be visibly excited and overjoyed to spot a black panther in Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. For many years, black panthers were believed to be extremely rare or more mythical. But the latest photography evidence shows the presence of the elusive black beauty in the deep jungles of Kabini. Famous as ‘The Ghost of Kabini’, this wild creature presents a sight to behold when spotted. An integral part of the Nagarhole National Park, this forest reserve along the Kabini River is sure to make your wildlife holidays in India a memorable affair.

Other attractions:

  • Fauna – herds of elephants, jaguars, tigers, various species of birds
  • Also visit – Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Kabini River, Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary  
  • Best Time to Visit Kabini Wildlife Reserve: From November till May
  • How to Reach Kabini Forest Reserve: An 80 km drive from Mysore leads you straight to Kabini.
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2. Tadoba National Park

No wonder finding a black panther in India is a special experience but their presence in Tadoba makes it extraordinary. Making sudden appearances out of nowhere, these melanistic leopards make your jungle safari experience a surreal one. The dense bushes in this oldest and largest national park in Maharashtra make it a perfect hideout for this black creature to stay. Whenever on a jungle safari in Tadoba in hunt of the black panther do carefully listen to the sound of animals around as they raise an alarm and start making noises. Take it as a special cue that you’re lucky enough that the big wild cat is somewhere nearby and you might spot him soon.

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Black Panther- Tadoba (Image courtesy- Google)

Other attractions:

  • Fauna – tigers, wild dogs, sloth bear, small Indian civet, and a variety of avifaunal species
  • Also visit – Kolsa Lake, Tadoba Lake and Tadoba River
  • Best Time to Visit Tadoba Andhari National Park: From mid-October to June end
  • How to Reach Tadoba: The park is 140 km away from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur. Also, a 45 km drive from Chandrapur helps one to reach the park easily.
Wildlife Tour India | Tiger Safari India | Black Panther Tour India | Black Panther destination in India
Best wildlife safari destinations in India

3. Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh

Spotting a black panther in the jungles of Pench is one of the best things to do in India for wildlife lovers and avid photographers. Hop on a train, leave the hustle and bustle of the cities behind and enjoy a real wildlife trip at this park. Besides spotting the elusive big cat, one can raise the fun quotient by partaking in rafting which is quite popular here. Also, at this park feel free and take your time to observe the wildlife behavior in their natural habitat. To do so, simply embark on a jungle safari and explore every nook and cranny thoroughly. You can rest assure that you will be able to spot the ‘Bagheera’ from the famous Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book here at this ‘Mowgli’s Land’.

Other attractions:

  • Fauna – Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, hyenas, porcupine, different amphibian species, four-horned antelope, peafowl, magpie robin
  • Also visit – Pench River, Sitaghat, Kalapahad
  • Best Time to Visit Pench National Park: October to March
  • How to Reach Pench Tiger Reserve: Nagpur lies in close proximity to Pench. It is at a distance of 77.8 km from the park.

These are just three. But there are also some sanctuaries where the black panther is spotted from time to time. The list includes Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, both in Karnataka.  However, no such pieces of evidence are available. Yet one should not lose hope and keep on following the wild trails. So, pick your ranger’s hat, choose from the aforementioned wildlife destinations in India and take one step closer to the country’s exotic wild.

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